Anagram Laboratories

1986 ~ 35th Anniversary ~ 2021

Anagram Laboratories is an information security consultancy based in Palo Alto, CA. Anagram was founded in 1986, back before information security was cool. Dr. Thomas A. Berson, Anagram's owner, has a lifetime of experience in cryptology and computer security.

We like to see the results of our work actually being used, so we prefer to work for companies which dominate or expect to dominate their markets. Our customers tend to be shy about their information security measures, and that's fine with us. You won't find any client lists here.

For our clients, we chiefly

We believe that information security is not only about technology, but also about art and science, about schedule and budget, about politics, negotiation and communication. We work for our clients in all these domains and others as appropriate.

Anagram Laboratories
P.O. Box 791
Palo Alto, CA 94301

Tel: +1 650 324 0100
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