United States Patent 6,970,259
Systems and methods for forgery detection and deterrence of printed documents


A print management system includes a policy that determines a protection level for a document to be printed. The document is printed using forgery detection and deterrence technologies, such as fragile and robust watermarks, glyphs, and digital signatures, that are appropriate to the level of protection determined by the policy. A plurality of printers are managed by a print management system. Each printer can provide a range of protection technologies. The policy determines the protection technologies for the document to be printed. The print management system routes the print job to a printer that can apply the appropriate protections and sets the appropriate parameters in the printer. Copy evidence that can establish that a document is a forgery and/or tracing information that identifies the custodian of the document and restrictions on copying of the document and use of the information in the document are included in the watermark that is printed on the document. A document can be verified as an original or established as a forgery by inspecting the copy evidence and/or tracing information in the watermark.

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