United States Patent 6,990,468
System, method and article of manufacture for cryptoserver-based auction


A system, method, and article of manufacture are provided for pricing a cryptographic service on a network utilizing one or more cryptoservers. A request for a cryptographic service is received from a user utilizing a network. The request is received by a cryptographic service provider. A contract is generated based on a variable pricing scheme in response to the request. The contract is sent from the cryptographic service provider to the user utilizing the network. A method is also provided for auditing a security provision on a network utilizing a cryptoserver. A cryptographic key is obtained such as by obtaining it from a trusted source or generating the key. A plurality of users are allowed to request that a cryptoserver use the cryptographic key to sign a message in violation of a security provision. It is determined whether the cryptoserver signed the message in response to the request. An indication of failed security integrity is provided upon determining that the cryptographic server has signed the message.

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