Who Should Attend

The course is aimed at all those who need up-to-date knowledge and expertise in cryptography and information security. This includes system designers, engineers, security experts, IT-professionals, instructors, project managers, consultants, and professional cryptographers.

No matter what your level of preparation you will find this course stimulating, informative, and of immediate value to your work in cryptography.

This course is ideal preparation for attending a Crypto, Eurocrypt, or Asiacrypt conference. The serious beginner who has attended this course will be able to extract full value from papers at crypto conferences and in the literature, and will be able to engage in meaningful cryptographic discussion with colleagues around the globe.

Even seasoned professionals will come away with a deeper understanding of the inter-relatedness of topics in modern cryptography. Prof. Maurer's opinionated and provocative views will stir the creative juices and suggest many new applications and research topics.

This course uses only the necessary minimum of mathematical apparatus. It is designed to teach concept, not computation. An optional evening session provides students the opportunity to enjoy a discrete mathematics primer and review.

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Page last modified 31 October 2002